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Asbestos and Toxic Torts

Asbestos became popular in the late 19th century because of its sound absorption and resistance to heat.  Mesothelioma is a devastating cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. People who worked around asbestos fibers are most susceptible to developing mesothelioma but, their loved ones are also at risk.  People at risk include those in the automobile service industry as well as many factory workers.  Often the effects of asbestos exposure are not seen until decades after the exposure, as mesothelioma can develop 30-50 years after exposure.  

Mesothelioma cases are unique in the legal system. Because the disease itself can take many years, even decades, to develop, the asbestos manufacturing companies that are likely to blame for exposure may have gone out of business, or changed their name. They may have moved their headquarters from one state to another, or even relocated to another country.  Sometimes they have been acquired by another corporation.  Due to this, it is very important for the asbestos attorney to identify the parties who bear ultimate responsibility for exposing a victim to asbestos in the first place. Typically, preparing for an asbestos case requires large amounts of detailed research such as the examination of old records, previous cases, legal documents and even photographs. Often, witnesses must be found and asked for testimony regarding events and issues dating back twenty to forty years or more.  In addition, because the potential onset of mesothelioma is often years, even decades after exposure to asbestos, establishing that the disease was caused by exposure in a specific location during a specific time frame often requires the testimony of medical experts.

In addition to diseases associated with asbestos, Dwyer, Black & Lyle, LLP also handles cases where people have been exposed to other toxic substances, typically chemicals.  For example, chemicals like benzene can cause leukemia. These types of cases typically involve exposure to a chemical as part of a persons employment.  Also, sometimes people can be exposed to molds that can have devastating effects on lung function and allergies.  If you are diagnosed with asbestosis/mesothelioma or have been subjected to exposure with chemicals or molds that have caused you serious injuries, contact Dwyer, Black & Lyle, LLP so that we can investigate your claim completely free of charge.  If we feel that it is in your best interest to proceed with your claim, we can discuss handling the case ourselves or secure you representation through one of our network of colleagues who also handle medical malpractice litigation.

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